The Nutrition Lab

Join our 1-on-1 nutrition coaching program aimed at guiding you towards your best self! We utilize a flexible dieting approach with emphasis on experience, personal history and goals. Our environment is judgement free and our community is chock full of success stories armed with tips and tricks to simplify your life!
  • After you submit your application, you’ll receive an appointment with your coach to determine your personalized program based off YOUR goals, history, habits and personality. We are here to GUIDE you. You’ll then schedule 15 minute weekly follow-up calls to monitor your progress.
  • Participate in a members-only facebook group to gain a little extra support! Whether you’re looking for a protein-rich snack recipe, advice for eating during “the big game” or recommended food before a competition- this group has it all!
  • Three months of personalized coaching. Why three months? Research shows that it takes 60 days for new habits to solidify. We’ll work to establish incremental goals based off your behavior patterns. Three months will give us the time required to confidently progress!
  • Weekly emails and resources to help you cultivate the mindset that comes with improved nutrition and lifestyle!